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How Extreme Hollywood actress Before There Beautify Facial Plastic Surgery


Dove cameron before plastic surgery – Ease improve the appearance of the face and body can already be done by anyone today. As long as there is guts and money, certainly you can look pretty nearly perfect through various aesthetic world of advanced technology.

However, what about the old days when the medical world and the technological sophistication yet to find a method of cosmetic surgery? What was done by the older artists to be able to get a perfect performance as they wish?

As excerpted from , here the search results about how a Hollywood actress extreme beautify the face before plastic surgery.

Changing hairline

old days, Hollywood actresses have unique standards to be considered beautiful. One is a high hairline. Because not everyone has a high hair line, then the way to change it is to perform electrolysis.

What is called electrolysis technique is the use of thin metal to give effect to the ‘shock’ of the hair follicles and makes hair is permanently lost. After performing this procedure, the hairline will rise and face shape can change. One of the most famous people who perform this procedure is Marilyn Monroe.

Repeal molars

Hollywood actress in the past are expected to have a sharp cheekbones and high. Unfortunately, not everyone has such a jaw line. In order to get the jaw and cheeks gaunt as such, a number of artists revoke their molar teeth. This way it can be used in order to look empty cheek and cheekbones become more assertive.

Corydon method Facelift ‘extreme’

To get the skin taut and beautiful, apparently ancient artist was willing to do pretty awful procedure called method Croydon Facelift. This method is done by using a kind of plaster for operation and requires a person’s hair twisted in a certain way so that the skin can be toned.

It is not advisable to do because the skin is actually very soft. This process can damage the skin elasticity. In addition, the hair twist and pull the skin on the charge can damage hair follicles and cause permanent balding hair.


The artists present untold who perform rhinoplasty surgery alias to make the nose more aquiline. However, in ancient times the sophisticated technology now clear yet. Nose surgery recast ancient times not as popular now, and the risk is quite large.

Rhinoplasty is proved to have done long ago even though the technique is not clear until now. Well, one unique fact is Marilyn Monroe has been performing this procedure. Based on the results of X-ray of the skull Monroe, there were indications that it performs a number of procedures to change the existing cartilage at the end of his nose.

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